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Every Clara Oswald Episode: The Bells of Saint John

Is this actually what you do? Do you just crook your finger and people just jump in your snog box and fly away?

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My name is Jack Frost, and I’m a Guardian. How do I know that? Because the Moon told me so. So when the Moon tells you something… believe it.

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“No,” said Luna, observing him with those oddly misty, protuberant eyes. “I don’t suppose you do. That man the Death Eaters killed was your godfather, wasn’t he? Ginny told me.” Harry nodded curtly, but found that for some reason he did not mind Luna talking about Sirius. He had just remembered that she, too, could see Thestrals.

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Tom Hiddleston in Exhibition x

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Well, in that case, I won’t wear my button that says ‘I’m a slayer. Ask me how!’

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Natasha Romanoff & Clint Barton: The Avengers - Age of Ultron

Clearly John Watson. He was a damaged war veteran drifting without purpose when he met Sherlock Holmes. John is fiercely loyal to his friend but can be very wounded by Sherlock’s lack of feeling. By contrast, Sherlock is a man who believes caring is not an advantage. But slowly, slowly, John is making him more human. —Mark Gatiss on being asked 'Who is the more emotionally vulnerable/dependent in the relationship between John Watson and Sherlock Holmes?'. Source (x)

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"How often have I said to you that when you have eliminated the impossible, whatever remains, however improbable, must be the truth?

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First of all I need to thank all of the fans, for being so patient and forgiving. They’ve found a place where we were about to be shooting and waited there for hours to at least have a word or take a picture. And what did I do? I came late and instead of giving them some of my time I could only say “My schedule is very thight, but I’ll be back later to see you”. And they’ve waited three more hours, but forgave me that. It’s really incredible, but makes me feel guilty. (…) I am aware that I shoud feel grateful for the trust I’m given, for all the support and loyalty. The sympathy of my fans really means a lot to me, and that’s why I’m trying to do the best I can. (x)

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